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Children, youth, and adults affected by autism cover a wide spectrum of ages, strengths, and needs. The diversity of the autism community requires that services and supports reflect a broad spectrum of choices to fit the needs of the individual and their loved ones, along with the professionals who serve them.

Our vision has always included the development of a community resource center that will bring together the members of the autism community. This vision was accomplished with a move to our current location in the Campbell House building in Schenectady. The Autism Community Resource Center houses a library of up-to-date information and resources that are available to all members of the autism community, staff who are available to answer questions and provide help in navigating supports and systems, and a comfortable gathering place for individuals affected by autism, their families, and the professionals who work with them.

Stop in, or call, to find out more about the supports and services we offer... or just stop in to say hello!
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